Damaged Products-Avoid Issues & Keep Your Clients Happy

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Ecommerce businesses thrive or fail based on customer satisfaction. Customers have expectations about products and the delivery experience well before packages arrive. They want to be delighted and happy. Broken goods are disappointing.

Hassles and frustrations can lead to the possibility of losing a customer for life. And, issues are expensive and reduce profits. They can potentially destroy a business.

If a package arrives damaged, customers will complain. They will also share their disappointment with others. It takes time on their part to initiate a complaint and attempt to resolve the situation. In today’s environment, sellers typically cover all costs for damaged products. Return fees for shipping, costs to ship a new item, consumer disappointment, and potential for negative comments are expensive. This doesn’t consider internal costs for processing.

Avoiding Damaged Products

It is important to conduct time studies for efficiency, but quality assurance practices to ensure orders arrive intact are equally important. Packing and shipping orders quickly are a core component in every product or order fulfillment organization. It’s expected. Taking time to identify potential quality and damage issues that can occur during shipping will ensure a better experience for recipients. Investing the time to conduct quality assurance measures at the onset of fulfillment operations will ensure proper packing components are included with all shipments, especially those items prone to damage.

The Product Fulfillment Solutions Difference

Product Fulfillment Solutions utilizes a multi-step process for product selection and verification. Each item in inventory has special packing requirements. If your products are fragile, it’s simple to address issues before they happen.

Studies for proper quality control practices for packing are conducted long before an item ever leaves our facilities. If we ship an incorrect item or not enough of a product, we will cover the cost to have the incorrect product returned to us and ship the correct item to the customer. We want your customers to be delighted and have the best experience possible.

With a 99.96% accuracy rate and 100% satisfaction on all orders, Product Fulfillment Solutions will remove the potential for unplanned costs and consumer dissatisfaction related to inaccurate order fulfillment.