Cross Docking

Fast Inventory Movement

Quick Turnaround with Minimal Storage Time

Quick Turnaround with Minimal Storage Time

Cross-docking offers brands the option to receive inventory into a warehouse for quick sorting and redistribution with limited or no storage time. Shipments are received, quickly re-palletized, and ultimately loaded into other trucks for distribution to new locations.

Cross-docking typically utilizes staging areas where inbound materials are sorted, consolidated, and stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready for shipping. Because warehousing needs are minimized or eliminated, cost savings result. Lead times for moving orders are also reduced significantly which streamlines the supply chain process from point of origin to point of sale or delivery.

Product Fulfillment Solutions’ cross-docking services are an effective way to reduce storage costs while expediting products to their final destination. Our Cincinnati facilities are located near several major highways, freeways, and railways. Through cross-docking services, you can significantly shorten your supply chain.

To properly facilitate and offer cross-docking services, there is a need for systems to support operations. In addition, adequate facilities and supporting transportation services are essential.

Should your logistics operations require cross-docking services, Product Fulfillment Solutions can quickly develop a plan to address your needs. Product Fulfillment Solutions will partner with you to develop a tailored plan to accomplish your goals