Real-Time Information

Inventory and Order Tracking in Real-TIme

Stay Informed with 24/7 Access to Information

Stay Informed – 24/7 Access to Your Inventory in Real-Time

Real-time inventory management includes the use of programs and software to record sales, purchases, and overall inventory movement to provide a quick and complete overview of activity. Real-time management systems enable your organization to stay informed as we work together to address all aspects of your supply chain and order fulfillment needs. Real-time inventory systems record movement and transactions as they occur to provide the most up-to-date information.

Stock outs or excessive inventory can be expensive. With periodic inventory management practices, there is a delay in addressing both scenarios. Access to real-time information enables you to more effectively address shifts in supply and demand. Manual inventory checks often require a fair amount of time which further delays the ability to quickly address inventory needs. Re-counts when there are discrepancies add even more delays and loss of time.

Most customers expect same-day shipping with quick delivery. To accomplish this, keeping an appropriate level of inventory on hand is essential. Losing an interested buyer because a product is out of stock can be avoided through real-time inventory tracking and management.

Real-time inventory and inventory tracking will improve the efficiency of an organization. Finance and accounting departments are better able to manage and plan activities with accurate counts and information.

There are a number of reasons to incorporate real-time inventory management systems. However, you’ll still need to manage loss of product due to theft or damage, mispacked orders, or recording errors. By outsourcing to a product and order fulfillment partner, your business will have access to the expertise and procedures already in use as part of daily procedures and practices. You’ll also have access to real-time inventory systems that are already in place at Product Fulfillment Solutions and are an integral part of our operations.

Product Fulfillment Solutions Electronic Data Integrations (EDI) can quickly and easily integrate with your e-commerce platforms allowing real-time inventory tracking with access to information 24/7. You’ll never have to worry about your inventory counts or shipments. Log in any time of day to monitor and manage real-time inventory and inventory track to manage your products and business.