Seamless Partners – Blind Shipping Can Make a Difference

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Product Fulfillment Solutions strategically works with every customer to develop the best practices and policies to ensure orders are delivered to your customers exactly as you intended.

When a customer receives the item they ordered, the first tangible encounter with a brand or product is when the package arrives and is opened. Presentation matters, but will it make a difference in perception if the box simply arrives intact and correct? Will added elements enhance the experience enough to drive word-of-mouth comments and impressions such that it leads to repeat or additional business? As the business owner or brand steward, these decisions are entrusted to you.

Many brands want to appear to be a one-stop shop managing every aspect of their operation. There are times when a third-party partner is necessary to improve operational efficiency for shipping, packing, and general inventory management. A fulfillment partner strictly focused on picking, packing, shipping orders, and inventory management can be invaluable and is often essential.

Careful collaboration between a brand and their fulfillment partner is an essential element of creating the best brand experience for the customer. Managing costs and operational components at every stage of the process is imperative, however, additional nuances can be developed to enhance that moment-of-truth when the package arrives. This often includes blind shipping.

What is Blind Shipping?

Blind shipping is simply when the recipient or consignee is unaware of the sender. For purposes of third-party order fulfillment, products arrive as if the originator shipped the package directly. For brokers or resellers, invoices showing original prices are not included. Consumers will not realize there is a third party and won’t have the options of a direct purchase.

Products can be assembled with documents, invoices, and other desired elements as though the package was directly shipped from your business.

Benefits of Using Blind Shipping Through an Order Fulfillment Company

Expedited Order Processing and Shipping – If your business is located overseas or in a remote area, it helps to have a centrally-located fulfillment partner to expedite delivery of your orders without incremental freight costs. Consumers have become accustomed to instant gratification and expect purchases to arrive within 48-72 hours.

Maintain Control – You have the ability to manage inventory, track movement of products, and monitor order processing. You have the perfect mix of staying involved without dealing with the daily hassles.

Return Order Management – Even with blind shipping, third-party centers can manage and facilitate order returns. The ability to quickly respond and react to returns can make a significant difference in a customer’s impression of your brand.

Enhance Customer Experiences – With the distraction of day-to-day inventory management and order fulfillment reduced, you can focus on growing your brand and improving customer experiences.

Most order fulfillment companies can manage basic transactions. Product Fulfillment Solutions functions as an in-house partner. Your business and your brand matters. PFS will ensure your customers are pleased with their order processing experience.