Surviving a Pandemic Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Agility

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Surviving a Pandemic Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Agility

2020 was a year like no other, with no exception for retail stores, e-commerce businesses, and third-party logistic providers. Product Fulfillment Solutions started the year by launching a new marketing program. Our new tag line focused on a core element of working with clients in a seamless and customized manner. Who knew Your Brand> Delivered>> would take on a greater meaning than ever imagined?

By the end of the first quarter, major shifts in supply chain operations and order processing were already underway. PFS worked in collaboration with each customer to find the best methods and procedures to quickly implement for the immediate period while consideration was given to long-term possibilities. PFS’s client customer base, focused on sales through retail outlets, had to transform and scale their ecommerce sales channels. Scaling the operations on the part of PFS and its clients required significant shifts in almost every part of the organization.

The leadership at Product Fulfillment Solutions quickly revised staffing, equipment, and production lines to dramatically scale e-commerce order fulfillment. It was clear that clients would need to find ways to sell direct-to-consumers and PFS would need to be prepared to align operations to fulfill e-commerce orders. Through ongoing discussions and collaboration, the transformation was almost seamless. The result: phenomenal growth for PFS’s clients and for PFS.

To meet the growing demands of customers and enhance operations on the west coast, PFS added a second facility in Las Vegas, NV. With warehouses in Ohio and Nevada, most shipments can be shipped in under 48-96 hours utilizing standard shipping rates.

Did your order fulfillment department or partner support your operations through the hurdles presented by the pandemic? Mastercard Inc reported a 49% growth for e-commerce orders. Were your orders shipped accurately, quickly, at a reasonable cost, and on time? If you can’t answer yes to these questions, you may want to schedule some time to discuss how Product Fulfillment Solutions could be a trusted and valued partner to your organization. Email to schedule a time to learn more about your needs and how PFS can be of assistance.