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Led by co-founders Jason Martin and Bill Coy, Product Fulfillment Solutions stands out in Cincinnati’s logistics landscape, driven by a team that’s the heart of our success. Jason and Bill cherish this group of dedicated professionals, whose passion and expertise fuel our innovative and efficient solutions.

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At Product Fulfillment Solutions, it’s not about us, it’s about you, your brand, and your products.

We are passionate about what we do. We are a product and order fulfillment company that uses our decades of industry experience to pick, pack, and ship your orders. We serve as an extension of your organization. Our goal is to offer exceptional product fulfillment solutions so you can focus on growing your brand and your business.

Fulfillment is much more than warehousing, packing, and shipping orders. It’s about delivering to your customers on time, exactly how you intended.

We can be relied upon as a trusted partner who treats your brand like it is our own. PFS manages all phases of the supply chain cycle. We customize every aspect of our operations to fit the unique needs of your products. We really do go that extra mile to delight you and your customers…every day, every order. That’s just how we’re wired…we live by the golden rule.

We’re problem preventers. We are personally invested and take extra care to identify potential problems and resolve them before they arise. We’ve learned through experience and are excited to share that expertise with you. In spite of best efforts, if issues still arise, you can rely on us to rapidly respond and quickly address them in a manner that aligns with your business goals.

We also offer Right Pricing – you only pay for the services YOU need.

For new products, Product Fulfillment Solutions will conduct time and workflow studies to find the perfect balance that maximizes efficiency and minimizes your cost. It’s a win-win. It’s tempting to ask for a standard price list, but these lists often include services you neither want or need. The Right Price includes the services and procedures required for your items to arrive safely and intact.

Product Fulfillment Solutions is hyper-responsive. Orders placed by 8 a.m. are shipped the same day. And with a 99.96% order accuracy rate, you can be assured of exceptional service.

We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your business and operations.

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