Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs by Improving Accuracy

Inventory management and tracking can make or break a business. Through modern systems, inventory levels and movement can be tracked in real-time and assist with better asset control, inventory ordering, storage, and order processing.

As e-commerce transactions began to rise during shutdowns related to COVID-19, Product Fulfillment Solutions quickly shifted daily routines, practices, and procedures. Order fulfillment involving large pallets of product going to single destinations became the exception while individual packages shipping directly to households became the norm and grew at rapid rates.

Implementing scanning procedures

PFS has maintained high order accuracy rates over the years. With the increases in individual transactions, we made the decision to include scanners and to scan frequently during the order fulfillment process. Barcode scanners help to automate and streamline the inventory management process while significantly reducing the possibility of human error.

It was relatively easy and inexpensive to purchase scanners and implement product scanning. Wireless devices are easy to use and require little effort during the various stages of the packing or assembly process.

Data can be accessed in an easy and orderly fashion while reducing and possibly eliminating a number of common inventory issues.

Viewing your inventory as it moves

From the time products are shipped from the manufacturer or supplier until it arrives at the order fulfillment center warehouse and eventually is delivered to the purchasers’ homes or businesses, movement can be tracked every step of the way. Surprises are reduced and better management of processes is enabled.

Managing your inventory

As inventory arrives at warehouse facilities and is scanned, inventory levels are quickly adjusted for easy viewing and management. Inventory can also be quickly located, moved, and managed within large facilities.

Reduce human error

Product scanning, especially with repeated scans during the packing process, can significantly reduce human error. Warehouse staff will be alerted and unable to continue filling the order until the correct product or products are included.

Minimize manual inventory counts

Physical inventory counts can be time consuming, may distract from daily operations and completion of work, and often include inaccurate counts. When scanning and tracking are standard practices, monthly or quarterly physical counts can be reduced to verifications and managing discrepancies.

Mistakes are expensive and can be destructive

Mistakes are expensive and can result in the loss of customers. The excitement of receiving an order is quickly diminished when the package is opened only to find the contents aren’t the right flavor, size, style, or color. The hassles and logistics associated with returning the items combined with delays in actually receiving the correct product create significant disappointment and the risk of customer loss. According to American Express, 33% of customers state they will consider switching companies after a single customer service issue.

Product Fulfillment Solutions is very proud of our 99.996% order accuracy rate. We consistently apply best practices to avoid customer dissatisfaction and regularly adjust our policies to make service improvements. As an extension of your brand, we take pride in making certain your orders arrive on time and exactly as the customer intended.