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With people staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a record year for ecommerce sales. This trend is expected to continue through the end of 2021. Many ecommerce businesses saw record levels of sales growth.

There were a few product segments that exploded with high sales in 2020, specifically being CBD oils, probiotics, and many other products in the health and wellness market.


8 High-Demand Trending Products And Niches Of 2021

Ecommerce businesses tend to focus on one single area of products. People want to know what exactly you sell as soon as they view your website. If you’re looking at potential business ideas in the future, here is the list of the top-selling products of 2020 and their end-of-year 2021 projections.


1.    CBD Oils And Products

CBD products have become extremely popular since they hit the market in 2018, and with COVID-19 arriving in early 2020, their sales exploded even more due to a consumer shift into a focus on mental health.

The CBD industry does have some significant barriers to entry due to extreme levels of competition and regulations in its shipping practices, but if the product is unique within the CBD segment, it can be a profitable business.

Be sure to consider your state’s laws regarding CBD and analyze how you will be able to reach potential customers. Certain states’ regulations may allow the sale of CBD products in that state only.

2.    Eco-Friendly Products

Among millennials and Gen Z consumers, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products are increasing in their popularity, as they order from businesses that show they care about the overall environment. The focus on eco-friendly products stuck throughout COVID-19.

3.    Natural Skincare And Cosmetics

Skincare and cosmetics that are made naturally have become increasingly popular with the boost of awareness surrounding the effects of artificial ingredients on both people and the overall environment. More and more consumers are preferring all-natural personal care products such as aloe vera, charcoal, and much more.

4.    Specialty Teas

The popularity of tea has been surging throughout 2020 and 2021. Rare and specialty tea blends have boomed in popularity over the past two years due to their rarity, health benefits, and more.

The most common among these is Matcha tea, which has become a popular tea-trend due to its assortment of different health benefits and flavor.

5.    Diet Fad-Products

As people continue to look for methods of staying healthy and active indoors with the pandemic, health and fitness products have been on a consistent rise in the ecommerce space. Different ecommerce brands have continually found alternative ways to help customers develop healthier lifestyles under these unique circumstances.

Look for these health-focused products to continually trend upward as these ecommerce-focused products continue to establish themselves as a better option.

6.    Subscription Food Services

The rise of companies such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron have never fit the overall flow of society better than when the pandemic hit. With people staying at home for inordinate amounts of time and with no set opening date, these subscription food services saw high rises in demand in tandem with the decline in regular grocery shopping.

Their longer shelf life and convenience contributed to this boost in sales as well.

7.    Probiotics

With the previous waves of more natural solutions to health and wellness problems, the affordability and natural state of probiotics boosted the product category’s sales along with other ecommerce products. Multiple probiotic product options saw rises in popularity, including standard probiotic pills, as well as probiotic foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut. The probiotic drink kombucha also boosted in popularity alongside these products.

8.    Subscription Ordering

Subscription boxes have become a great option for customers during the time of COVID-19 and quarantine. These boxes ship essential products to customers on a regular basis, with most shipping every month throughout the entire year.

These subscription boxes are now commonplace among many different verticals. From fashion and beauty products to food and drink options, subscription boxes have been getting increasingly popular throughout the last two years.


Tips On Finding And Selling High-Demand Products

If you are interested in selling high-demand products, nail down why a certain product or trend is popular in the first place, and if its popularity is long-term or simply a fad. Silly Bandz are a perfect example of a short-term fad that exploded in popularity for an extremely short period of time nearly a decade ago.

Essential products and PPE including masks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer saw amazing growth in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some shaky practices including hoarding these products and up-charging prices, at sometimes double the normal price, can lead to threats, and in some cases have been upgraded to legal crimes.


1.    Look Internationally

Many famous US products actually originated their popularity overseas and internationally. With a site such as, checking on current shops and products that are successful can help show any possible business opportunities. Knowing what products are popular overseas can help spring the idea to purchase these products and test them in the US market.

2.    Look On Local Marketplaces For Competition

Local marketplaces are real, live places to see what high-demand products people are buying. When looking at popular products, consider the following.

  • What audience(s) would be interested in this product?
  • Are there unknown alternatives in the same product field without great awareness?
  • Do these products seem to have long-term success potential?

3.    Be Different

Many products are simply a variation of something else under a different brand name. Promoting the unique benefits and highlights of your product and specifically how you stand out and above the competition can be very beneficial.

There are all sorts of differentiating factors to a product, such as the product being sustainable or all-natural or having eco-friendly packaging.

4.    Get Two-Day Shipping With A Fulfillment Partner

If you have that product that’s flying off the shelves, you’ll need a fulfillment partner like Product Fulfillment Solutions to get your orders out with two-day shipping. Customers are going to websites like Amazon and with expedited two-day shipping and having these fast shipping times is a proven method to increase sales.

5.    Be Aware Of Post-COVID Trends

Sales verticals change through different seasons, times of the year, holidays and, as demonstrated by the pandemic, recessions. COVID-19 threw a gigantic wrench in all businesses’ plans since March of 2020. As society begins to return to normal, being able to identify which products and business segments will benefit and which will be penalized from this shift will be a great opportunity.


How Product Fulfillment Solutions Helps Scale Your Ecommerce

Quick, accurate, and intact. These are no longer aspirational goals for online product fulfillment. Consumers expect orders to be delivered quickly, exactly as requested, and without any issues. Product Fulfillment Solutions can facilitate your e-commerce fulfillment, deliver to most locations within 48 hours, maintain a 99.96% order accuracy rate or better, and consistently avoid shipping-related issues with orders.



Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce sales trends have shifted constantly. The rest of 2021 is expected to have some product shifts of its own as the year runs down, so being able to identify those differentiated products can be a great opportunity.

No matter the product being sold, having an optimized and efficient supply chain can prepare your company for long-term potential growth.


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