Fulfillment as an Amazon Merchant – A Better Approach

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It all started with an idea. You’ve created that “must have” product, you set up your business, began developing your products, and started building your brand. It’s time to sell and you decide Amazon is the perfect marketplace for your goods.

Your garage or extra room may work as your fulfillment center for a while, but what do you do when your sales exceed your ability to fulfill your orders? You can utilize Fulfillment by Amazon, but the fees are high and there are a number of requirements. What other options do you have?

Amazon’s Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) offers several advantages:

  • No unexpected costs – as the seller, you are aware of all expenses.
  • You make more money by not paying fees assessed by Amazon.
  • You control all aspects of your business without reliance on Amazon to fulfill your orders.
  • As the seller, you remain in control and can operate as you’d like.
  • There is less paperwork to deal with when you work directly with your customers.
  • You can better manage your inventory through direct control while also monitoring your sales activity.

However, with FBM, you don’t have access to Amazon Prime services. The solution and perfect compromise? Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) – you handle storage, packing, shipping, and customer service AND have access to Amazon Prime customers. You’ll be able to display the Prime badge, reach Amazon’s most loyal customers, compete more effectively, and offer two-day delivery messaging. You save money and can better manage control of your inventory.

It’s easy to get started:

  • Qualify for SFP and successfully complete the trial period – there are a few requirements:
  • 92% of orders must arrive within two days;
  • At least 94% of orders must have a valid tracking ID;
  • Maintain a cancellation rate of less than 1.5%; and
  • Ship a minimum of 200 orders in under 90 days.
  • Store your inventory on your own or at a third-party warehouse.
  • Process your orders and ship orders through approved carriers.
  • Pick, pack, and ship your orders the same day you receive them.
  • SFP carriers collect and deliver orders to customers in two days.


Let Us Make It Even Easier!

  • To make the process even easier, consider outsourcing your order fulfillment to Product Fulfillment Solutions (PFS). With more than 10 years in business, we can help you achieve Seller Fulfilled Prime status.
  • We are centrally located near Cincinnati, OH – many U.S. destinations are within two-day delivery without the expense of expedited freight.
  • 100% of orders leave PFS with a tracking ID. You will have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to your inventory levels, order activity, and shipping status.
  • We will work with you to avoid order cancellations.
  • PFS has shipped more than 20 million packages. We are equipped to quickly receive your inventory and begin shipping your orders on a daily basis.

We’d love to learn more about your business and plans for growth. Product Fulfillment Solutions has a strong network of partners and resources that we can share with you to help you operate more efficiently and with quicker onboarding. Call us today to get started.