Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Product Fulfillment Solutions Can Receive, Warehouse, and Ship Your Orders

Efficient, Reliable, Responsive

Efficient, Reliable, and Responsive – Vital Qualities to Ensure Well-Managed Inbound and Outbound Logistics

There are many factors to consider to efficiently manage inbound and outbound logistics. Storage costs. Transportation needs. Maintaining accurate inventory counts. Monitoring inventory movement. From the time products leave a production facility, arrive at the order fulfillment warehouse, and ultimately ship to the final destination, there is opportunity to succeed or fail at every stage of the inbound and outbound supply chain process.

Inbound logistics include the transportation and storage of goods coming into a warehouse. This often involves relationships with suppliers of raw, semi-finished, or finished products. Outbound logistics refers to the transport of goods leaving a facility and involves the recipient of the items. For purposes of order fulfillment, this can involve a business-to-business transaction or a business-to-customer or consumer order.

Product Fulfillment Solutions will work with you to identify best practices to ship your products to our facilities and manage all aspects of inbound logistics. Once your inventory has arrived at Product Fulfillment Solutions, our lot-tracking and inventory management systems will give you the ability to monitor and track your inventory and orders at any time of day. We have partnerships and preferred rates through most major shipping companies which offer additional savings on rates to deliver your packages to your customers.

We will utilize our experience and expertise to create the most efficient and reliable plan to manage inbound logistics, inventory storage, product packing, and outbound logistics. We’ll quickly respond to any questions, concerns, or issues that arise. Reliability and trust are core components in all of our customer relationship.