Kit Assembly

Products Commonly Purchased Together to Sell in Kits

Special Packing or Assembly Needs? Not a Problem!

Special Packing or Assembly Needs – Kit Assembly is Not a Problem

Do your products require special packing, kit assembly or kitting, custom boxes or trays, or proprietary packaging? Whether simple or complex, Product Fulfillment Solutions can assemble, pack, and ship your orders exactly as you specify through our kit assembly services.

Kitting or kit assembly is the process of taking individual products and combining them together to form a new unit or product group or SKU. Kitting involves fulfilling customer orders by pre-assembling individual items into kits that are ready to ship together. Most often, kit assembly or kitting is used to group items that are frequently ordered together. Efficiencies in time and labor are created by having these combined groups of products ready to ship.

Kit assembly helps to organize your inventory by grouping products frequently ordered together into a single SKU. Space is optimized along with reduced labor costs and faster order fulfillment processing.

Product Fulfillment Solutions will partner with you to identify the specific kit assembly or kitting needs for your order fulfillment projects. We will work with you to identify groups of products that are best suited for kitting. We’ll address each step of the process to create procedures and guidelines for packing your kits. Attention to detail is key! Our team members are trained to consistently comply with outlined requirements to properly assemble and pack your orders.

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